The other day, my friend got into a car accident. I called him when I first found out. He was really shook up, and was crying over the phone. I told him that I’d be right over.

I spent the whole morning with him just to give him company. He told me that he was okay. I knew he was lying. I really didn’t do much but sat next to him on the couch working on school stuff. I let him use my shoulder as a headrest, and gave him several hugs.

He really was a mess.

Eventually, I had to leave. But I knew that my presence was really appreciated and did make a difference. Having a friend there is different from having your parents around.

His dad thanked me for coming over.

All the while though, I had a little bit of a strange feeling.

If anyone saw us together, they’d have bet money that we were a couple. But we’re not. We are just friends. He already has a girlfriend in fact. I have a staggering crush on someone else.

When I’m around him, I’m not nervous or embarrassed at all. I’m actually quite calm and comfortable.

I love him. I care for him really deeply. If anything was to happen to him, I’d be devastated.

But it’s all in the context of being a friend.

I can’t even imagine kissing him.

Even so, he kept hugging me and putting his arms around me and being very close to me overall. I’m going to blame it on him being shaken up from the accident, but it stirred up weird feelings.

Readers, have you ever wondered if there might be something “else” there?

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