Little by Little

Sometimes you make progress in big leaps, sometimes you advance little by little.

This is applicable in a few ways in my current life.

Recently I finished another year in college. As I continue on in my education, I’m conquering more units and classes. Little by little I shall achieve my goal!

This week, I’ve also been packing to go to Europe! Needless to say, I’m excited for what lies ahead. I’ve also been making several trips to the store, folding clothes, doing laundry and countless other things to prepare. I still have a few more days to go, so I should be fine on preparations if I keep working at it in bits and pieces.

I’ve been talking to Wonder Boy. He actually flirted with me on Friday. I was surprised and pleased. When he comes out of his shell, he’s actually quite charming. Not to say that I don’t like his shy nerdy side too 😉 He’s so cute.

I finished my volunteering at the hospital for this week. I’m taking a leave of absence since I’m going on vacation. It’s nice to have some time where there are no responsibilities.

I plan to journal a lot and thoroughly enjoy myself while I’m on my trip. Readers, I hope you too have some fun summer plans! If you have anything you are particularly looking forward to, share them below!

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