Body Image

**If you can’t handle brutal honesty, and would rather not picture me naked, this post is not for you**
Let’s be real…

Readers, I have a huge ass. When I look at it in the mirror, I say “damn!”. I’m a skinny person, but I still have stretch marks all over my cheeks and in between my thighs. And I know, almost every woman has these, and pretty much all of these women are self-conscious about it.

I also have a bit of a tummy. I could stand to do some sit ups. After I eat dinner, it bulges a little and shows if I’m wearing something tight.

My mom has always told me that I have a bit of a pear shape. Small at the top, big at the bottom. No, I did not inherit her Mt. Fuji sized jugs. I’m a cup A at most. 

If I’m being completely honest, I’m self conscious about all these things at some kind of level. I’m even embarrassed just publishing this on the Internet.

But readers, we should learn to embrace our stretch-marked, tummy bulging bodies! Because at the end of the day, they are ours and no one else’s. Yes, my ass may be huge, but it’s mine!

What’s something about your body that you are now choosing to embrace as beautiful? Share below.

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