Missed Opportunities

How often do you let life pass you by? You see opportunities, know that you can take them, but you don’t.

I decided to not let that stop me from getting what I want.

I used to have a close friend that I would hang out with all the time. We both had feelings for each other, and it was somewhat apparent, but neither of us confessed to the other person. I dropped the hint that he should ask me out sometime, he chickened out, and that was that. He missed his window of opportunity and we stopped talking for a while.

I met other people, crushed on someone else, all the while thoughts about him would linger in the back of my head. I squashed them like unwanted pests.

I didn’t want to think about him. I didn’t want to get stuck in the same situation, never moving forward.

I confessed my feelings to my new crush, to find out that he only sees me as a friend.

Ironically enough, when I was talking to my friend who rejected me, he urged me to ask out the guy who didn’t ask me on a date before. He told me that he probably had strong feelings for me, but was too insecure to act on them.

And so I did. And he still feels the same. We have finally been honest with each other about our feelings and all that has happened since then. It feels really good.

You never expect things to happen the way that they do.

Readers, what are some instances where you have taken a chance and it turned out for the better?

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