Three Years of Change

Funny how so much can change in 2 or 3 years.

I am now entering my third year of undergrad, and I am worlds away from the person I was when I first entered campus.

I never thought that I’d be dating someone who wasn’t Catholic. And that it wouldn’t bother me.

I never thought that I wouldn’t want to be a nurse.

I never imagined that I would start swing dancing, or become so involved with campus organizations.

So much change.

I was looking through old paperwork this morning to get ready for the impending year, and I came across my freshman orientation folder. Opening it, I remembered the feelings of confusion and panic. I remember not knowing what the hell I was doing. Now I walk around campus with ease. I can register for classes without a sweat. I can talk to professors one on one and not have a problem.

Change is a beautiful thing. I can only imagine how much more I will be changed in another two or three years.

Isn’t that something?

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