Rape on TV

I don’t know about you guys… but there seems to be a trend towards medieval shows on television lately. And I hate it, but there ALWAYS seems to be violence against women.

And it’s not just physical violence, like getting whipped or beaten. It’s usually sexual violence. And it’s usually emotionally disturbing as well, in which the woman is humiliated in front of others or told to do degrading tasks.

In a show that my mom was watching this morning, a new bride was questioned on the state of her virginity and instructed to take her clothes off with another servant watching. From what small portion I saw, the man did not physically hurt her. But his words and demeanor were threatening. He belittled her, he taunted her, he made her worthless.

I want to know why so many tv shows focus on scenes like this. Do people secretly get off from watching women be sexually humiliated?

In my opinion, it’s pretty sick. I don’t know why scenes like this are supposedly filmed for the watcher’s “enjoyment”, and I don’t know why people continue to watch them. Personally, I can’t stand it. I have to leave the room and avoid watching. Although I know that it is not real, it is a scripted scene with professional actors, my heart hurts for these women. My anxiety spikes up, and I feel scared.

But really, do these scenes appeal to certain men or women? Do some men watching feel a sense of dominance and power? I can’t even think of what the appeal would be for certain women, but I don’t want to rule them out if they are out there.

Also, does watching scenes like this encourage individuals to act out in violence against women? Is it teaching a new generation of young men that this sexual, physical, and mental abuse is ok?

Readers, what are your thoughts on this?

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