Practicing Patience

“I don’t need the details. Just get to the point.”

I was exasperated and annoyed of listening to something I had no interest in. Immediately, I saw him recoil. I realized that I did something wrong.

After all, he has to listen to me talk about swing dancing all the time. Why can’t I listen to him talk about Clash of Clans?

Practicing patience is hard. Not falling into routines is hard. I get to see him almost every day now, and we always talk about the same things. Before, there was a certain passion and excitement we would have every time we would see each other, because it was a rare event. Now, it’s hard to even get him to kiss me when he sees me.

It’s only been two months.

But the thing I’ve learned from past experiences, is that you shouldn’t let it get to you. Be the change that you want in your relationship, instead of harping on your partner’s “deficiencies”.

Things will get better. You just can’t forget why you fell in love with this person in the first place.

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