“We should come up with a code word… like a time-out of sorts.”

After being upset for a couple days, I laid all of my feelings on the table. I explained to my boyfriend why I was being snappy. And how we could change that. And how we could communicate about our problems in the future.

For me, I wanted him to be more caring and expressive.

For him, he wanted me to listen to him more fairly.

We both wanted things, but weren’t sure how to say it… and that anger and resentment was starting to fester. If we left it as it was, no doubt it would’ve given birth to an ugly infection. A dripping oozing wound full of bacteria and lost arguments.

But we handled it. We cleaned out the cut, put a band aid on it, and called it a day.

It feels good to talk to someone about your concerns and just have everything out in the open.

It feels good to trust someone.

Next time we fight, it will be better. We will use our code word, and listen fairly and express how we feel. We both know that we care about the other person, we just have to modify our actions to show it more.

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