Top of the Mountain

Every so often, you feel like you can conquer the world. No goal is unattainable, no obstacle is too arduous. You walk confidently, with your head held high and shoulders thrown back. You meet everyone’s eye and greet them with a cheery, “Good morning!”.

But let’s remember, this is “every so often”.

Most days are not like this.

Most days, you take an hour to get out of bed. Your to do list is piling up, and every task, no matter how small, seems insurmountable. When you walk, your shoulders slump and your feet drag across as the floor, as you wish the very earth would swallow you up.

What’s the difference here? What makes the difference between a good and a bad day?

So far, today’s been good. I got a haircut this morning and was able to buy a cheap lunch. I even survived my first shift at a new job last night!

But this whole week hasn’t been peachy.

A few days ago, a religious couple was preaching to me and only stopped after I was aware of the “fact” that I may burn in hell. (Did God give you a personal message? If so, I haven’t gotten the memo yet). I also had a passive aggressive interaction with a team member, who did not appreciate my critique of his work.

When I focus on these things, I feel like I’m not doing so well.

But what matters is perspective. Your mind is like a camera. What do you choose to zoom in on? How do you frame your life? What people do you choose to include in your pictures?

If you focus on the good, and phase out the bad, you end up being a much happier person.

Don’t let other people take that “top-of-the-mountain” feeling away from you. Choose to thrive.

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