“You love me like a soulmate, I love you like a girlfriend.”

The words stung like ice on bare skin.

Where did this come from? Why was this happening? What did I do wrong?

All I could think about were my inadequacies.

But tonight while I was dancing, I forgot all of that. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror gleefully laughing, and thought: “She looks beautiful”.

I was in my domain, and I was in control. I was talented, knowledgeable, resourceful. I was creative, respected, commended. I was all the things I thought I wasn’t when he broke up with me.

I realized, this breakup reflects nothing on me whatsoever.

I spent so much time wondering what was wrong with ME when there wasn’t anything wrong! Am I perfect? Hell no! I have faults just like anyone else. We just didn’t match up right, and painful as it was, he was honest enough to tell me.

Things happen for a reason, and I learned from this relationship. I learned how to communicate and compromise. I became aware of my own stubbornness. I strove to be a more understanding person.

To a new year, in which I focus on loving myself and being happy. Boys come and go, but me, myself and I will still be here. And they’re pretty darn good company.

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2 Responses to Breakup

  1. This is really I insightful and most importantly true, keep up the good work!

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