What is my worth?

A few days ago, my boyfriend dumped me over a 16 minute phone conversation.

It’s been hard for me to accept, especially mulling over the beginnings of our relationship and how it all used to be so good.

I still grapple with denial, and sometimes I wake up with the ghost of a thought, “Maybe we could still make things work.”

But for what? And to what end?

Is it worth the trouble?

What is my worth?

The last question has given me pause recently. Do I believe that I am worth something without him? That I am worth the effort and time it takes to get to know me? That someone else could see that worth and WANT to know me?

It’s a tough question, but necessary. Why else would I spend so much time agonizing over how to make him happy and make things “work”?

Taking a hard look at myself in the mirror, and making sure I don’t end up in the same situation twice.

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