Irony = getting dumped by a guy who initially thought you were out of his league

I’m slowly processing all that has happened, from sharing the shower 3 weeks ago to breaking up over a phone call. Not even in person, the damn coward.

If someone was to map my emotions, I’m sure it’d look like the seismic waves of an earthquake. There have been brief moments of acceptance and amicable communication between me and the ex. There have been lots of crying and whining to friends. I have avoided rom-coms on Netflix because I simply can’t deal with seeing other people’s happiness.

But now it has come down to this: The Purge.

The Purge = avoiding the urge to communicate with him, while I get my life back together.

So what’s included in this Purge package? For starters: Yoga. Buying lingerie to wear for myself. Going dancing. Maybe getting a new job. Playing my guitar more and writing angsty songs about my feelings.

I am going to feel good about myself. Because the other option is to wallow in misery, and as “fun” as it is, I’m tired of the long bouts of sleeping and crying.

Let’s do this.

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One Response to Purge

  1. SoCoKat says:

    My New Year came in with a similar slap of reality. I tend to be a wallower and isolate/insulate myself from too much. Check out my blog post Opposite Day – my heartbreak recovery plan 🙂

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