Beach Date

When you hear the words “beach date”, you imagine a couple walking along the sand holding hands. But there was no hand-holding. Instead, I was clambering behind him on jagged rock trying not to fall. The thought of injury flashed across my mind. How would I dance with a twisted ankle? Regardless, I kept going. I didn’t want to look lame.

Equipped with shorts underneath my dress and long legs, I finally caught up with him. And I wasn’t swallowed up by the ocean in the process, which I considered a reigning achievement. Once we were up there though, the roaring sound of the ocean frightened me. I imagined all of the gruesome ways we could die. To top it off, he told me a story about how he was stranded on a rock similar to this one, and showed me nasty scars as proof of his tale.

To put it simply, he is an adventurous person, while I am not.

He is more open-minded than I am on certain things. He lives by the words, “You have to try something three times before you judge it.”

He’s also more of an introvert than I am. He doesn’t seek the limelight, he doesn’t want the glory.

He is many things I am not, but that’s what I find interesting about him. I think spending more time with him will help me widen my horizons. I want to see life from a different perspective.

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