Me Time


I often run myself to the brink of exhaustion with different activities. I am always seeing people, going places, doing things. I often leave no time for myself.

With the recent struggles my family has been facing because of my dad’s bipolar, I’ve found “me time” to be exceptionally important.

Taking time to exercise, meditate, and play my guitar have been healing processes. Allowing myself to spend time by myself not doing anything has been invigorating. Some people swear by social support, and talking to people about their problems. But in my personal experiences, I’ve found this to be exhausting. Yes, I am thankful for my friends. No, I do not want to relive these traumatic experiences by explaining them to everyone I get lunch with.

People often do not know what to say, because they have not had these personal experiences. Sometimes they give well-intentioned, but terrible advice. Sometimes, they try and relate it to their own experiences, and actually minimize the feelings of the speaker.

I’ve found that making conscious decisions to treat myself better works wonders. Relishing in the morning, not having to rush anywhere or do anything for anyone feels great. Choosing to eat things that I enjoy, and spend time however I want, is awesome.

I am spending time with me, myself, and I…. and I actually love it.

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