Trying to understand others, especially when they are cruel to you, is so very hard. I’m not good at it. I would rather write a list of all of their wrongs and recite it at the top of my lungs every morning.

I get so angry, thinking “Why me?”. I spend hours justifying my behavior with the thought, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

But who is keeping score here? And in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?

I’m a creature of passion. I love fast and hard, I jump to conclusions, I rely on my feelings to make decisions. But too often, I let my feelings overtake me.

So I let this person ruin my day. I let them take control of my emotions, I weep and curse and shake like an abused dog. But what do I get out of it?


Does the other person get anything from my suffering? Not really.

Some people feel the need to pulverize others and transform them into the very dirt beneath their feet. You can’t do anything for them. In reality, they are very unhappy and feel powerless in their own lives.

All you can do is accept that their problem is with themselves, and not you.

Love yourself, and you will not need the approval of others. Love yourself and others will be attracted to your light. Love yourself and see what wonderful things the world has to offer.

Happiness is a choice, and it starts with you.

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