Loving Communication

Communication is a very important and often overlooked skill. Not many people have it.

I’ve been dealing with a lot lately: my dad’s bipolar, losing my home, family stress. Sometimes I just want someone to lean on.

Unfortunately, the person I chose to lean on today had no clue about what to say to me.

Really. No. Fucking. Clue.

I was pretty angry at him at first. But why should I be angry at someone who is just clueless? Why not take it as a teaching moment to improve our relationship?

And so I told him what I needed from him. When I’m feeling down, I need someone to validate my feelings. I need someone to tell me what a great human being I am. That I am succeeding despite all of the hardships.

That’s really all I need. I just need someone to love me and care for me. I don’t need someone to fix all of my life’s problems. Because these problems aren’t that simple.

I could have lashed out at him and blamed him for not understanding me. But what kind of results do I get from that? It just leaves everyone feeling more negative.

Empathy and understanding is key. No one is perfect.

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