Still Single

I slowly walk back toward your seat and wrap my arms around your neck, letting my hands glide across your chest and arms. I hug you and let my head fall into the fluff that is your hair. I sniff your hair with affection and you ask me, “So what do you think?”, which was a stupid question. You already know that I’m head over heels for you.

We finally had the talk today. Laying in the sand in my bikini, I glanced over at you and asked, “Do you ever think we will be more than friends?” And you told me that you were trying to figure that out in your head as you were looking at me.

It seems like it will take you some time to figure it out.

When we were talking, you agreed with me on everything. If we started dating, it would change nothing about our friendship. I would simply be called your “girlfriend” rather than your “friend”. You said that you enjoy talking to me and have no problem seeing me in a romantic way. When I asked you what the pros and cons would be of dating me, you even said that there were no cons.

After leaving the beach, I take a shower at your house. I plunk myself down on the couch next to your mom and we watch Real Housewives. It’s like I’m married into your family already.

The situation is so frustrating. But I’m glad we at least had the talk.

All I can do now is focus on myself, go on dates, and hope that I’m still single when you’re finally ready for me.

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